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Do you remember the first time you read a story that captivated your mind with exciting details and vibrant illustrations? This could allow my students to publish their brilliant creations with bright and vivid color, while bring their stories to life.We are 17 creative Kindergarten students with brilliant minds, attending a high-poverty, Title I school. My kiddos love to come to school ready to learn, help one another, and to become more successful.

 My Project

My students need writing materials such as colorful construction paper, colored pencils, markers, and letter stampers and ink pads for our writing center. Writing materials in the kindergarten classroom is an engaging way for students to publish their writing and see their brilliant and creative writing and illustrations come to life. Our kindergarten students attend school all day, and the demands of kindergarteners continue to increase. My students crave time to share their stories and creations, and a writing center would allow them to put their stories and ideas on paper. These writing center materials will be used in our classroom each day by my students and will allow them to become the future authors they crave to be.

These supplies will help foster a love for writing and help us to become future authors.

Instilling a love for writing in our early learners will help students become life-long writers.

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