Dundee DirectThe Dundee Elementary PTO supports the students, teachers, school facilities and the community of Dundee Elementary School. 80% of our net expenses go directly into the classroom through teacher grants, the purchasing of computers/iPads, and financial support of classroom activities. The PTO also cares for the school grounds (plants and flower beds), provides scholarships to alumni and participates in neighborhood events; holistically making the entire Dundee community a wonderful place.

Our funds come from YOU, the families of Dundee students, through our direct giving campaign called Dundee Direct. Without your contributions, these things cannot happen. We are asking for EACH FAMILY to contribute. You may think a small gift doesn't matter, but with more people contributing, we can DO more. If you're unable to make a larger donation today, consider making a monthly recurring gift. Your credit card can automatically be charged $5, $10 or $20 each month. $5 per month - if EVERY FAMILY donated $5 per month, we'd easily hit our goal. $10 per month - helps to cover the cost of family and classroom activities. $20 per month - helps to provide teacher grants and supplement the technology fund, to keep computers in the classroom. Whatever amount you can contribute is appreciated. Make your donation now so we can start counting on your support!



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