Benson's journalism program is one where the students are in control.  It is all about them.  The students are given the opportunity to practice professional journalism, but with great power, comes great responsibility!

Even though the freedoms of expression and press are covered by the First Amendment of our Constitution, they are not actually free. Both figuratively and literally! Maintaining a journalism department can be an expensive and daunting task. Yearbooks, newspapers, websites, and photography all cost money.  It takes donations and student determination to produce these publications.  

 To support the Benson High School Journalism Program, our students have turned it into a small business. They look for ways to generate revenue through learned services, while simultaneously fulfilling the academic needs of the school.  They work at the Century Link Center during basketball season and concerts, create media guides and tournament booklets for the Metro Holiday tournament, produce sports photos for all of Benson’s teams, and take portraits at Homecoming and Prom. Many times our journalism students are some of the one first ones in the building and some of the last ones to leave.

The students that make up the Benson High School Journalism Program have worked hard to help replace aging equipment, reduce the cost of their yearbooks, produce their print publications, and support the school, but they can no longer do it on their own.  

They need your help.  

The students would like to create an online website for their school newspaper.  The school and the students need one badly, as it allows to present content in an original and modern method. It takes weeks for a print newspaper to come out, and by the time it does, most of the information is old news. The school and students need a place where they can stay up to date on information, both about the community and the school. As a result, our journalism students want to give the students a constant stream of information about what’s happening in the school, as well as develop a gateway in to the community.  

The online website is the best way to do this. Besides featuring the news, our online newspaper will include photos, videos, upcoming events, sports, reviews, opinions and more!  It will be a place where students can conduct polls, ask questions, and submit comments, all the while feeling like part of the Benson High School community. It will be a true gathering place for the students, staff, and community of Benson.  

Instead of asking the principal to pay for this site, the journalism staff wants to fund it entirely through donations and themselves. They want a site that is free from bureaucratic influence.  A site where they can report the news, reviews, opinions and more, like their journalist brethren do across the globe. They have presented the plan for this site to the principal and she has accepted this proposal.  She was very much impressed with the thoughtful presentation and admired their tenacity. 

By supporting Benson High Journalism, you are not only supporting the students and school, but one of our fundamental freedoms, the freedom of the press.  




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