The Omaha Schools Foundation is currently accepting requests for the funding of classroom projects designed by Principals and Teachers to enhance the curriculum and promote the success of their students.

Day in and day out the Principals and Teachers of the Omaha Public Schools are creating innovative curriculum strands to stimulate and enrich their students' learning. Often these projects are under-funded or the school is not able to implement it at all due to lack of resources.

The key mission of the Omaha Schools Foundation is to provide students and staff of the Omaha Public Schools academic programs, enrichment activities and professional opportunities which are beyond the budget constraints of the Omaha School District. Accomplishment of this mission supports the curriculum of the Omaha Public Schools and helps sustain this community's tradition of excellence in integrated living and learning.

To carry out this mission, the Omaha Schools Foundation seeks private and corporate contributions and gifts. The Foundation is unique in that, unlike many available fund-raising platforms, it does not charge any fees associated with making a donation or using the Omaha Schools Foundation Social Media to promote classroom project requests.


To make a request, teachers and principals should go to our online request form found here:

Once your project has been approved we will post your request online and a donation form will be available through our Search Tool on every page of the site.

Current Projects

Wilson Focus School Changing It Up

Wilson Focus School Theresa McGeeHave you ever sat for too long, in one place? Then you know what that can do for your comfort level and ability to concentrate. Therese McGee and Danielle Nyffler are changing more than just the seating chart. They are restructuring their classrooms to include flexible seating options for their students. Research shows that students need movement to stimulate the brain. Our objectives include:

  1. Flexible seating choices that will provide our students with multiple seating choices.
  2. Seating choices that allow for movement whether in whole or small group instruction or working independently.
  3. Flexible seating choices will also provide our students with increased motivation and engagement.

As stated in the April 2016 Edutopia article by Kayla Dezler another objective includes classroom environments that should be conducive to open collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. The flexible seating choices we would like support in purchasing will aid us in this endeavor.

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Kellom Taking Education Beyond the Classroom Walls

Kellom Invest in Success Using Skype in the ClassroomAt Kellom we are focused on giving our students interactive, engaging, and collaborative learning experiences. Rena Sharpe's 2nd grade students use Skype to open their education beyond the four walls of the classroom. They are able to connect with experts and other classrooms from across the world to enhance our learning.

We are asking your help in the purchase of a Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam-web camera. This camera will allow us to see and hear our guests more clearly as well as allow us to share our learning with others more clearly.

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Help Send Beveridge Team to African American History Challenge Competition

aahcThe Beveridge Magnet School African American History Challenge team won the 17th annual Omaha area African American History Challenge Competition. By winning this competition, the team has the opportunity to compete at the national competition in New Orleans, June 7-11, 2017. The students are working to raise money to help them attend the competition. The cost per student or coach will be approximately $980.00, with a total cost for three students and two chaperones at $4900.00. Please consider a donation to the students' effort to raise the funds and make their participation a reality. Imagine Omaha Public Schools participation on a National level!

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Bee-Bots for Coding

beebotsMegan Rogers teaches K-1 students at the Omaha Virtual School. One of our "specials" is coding. The Bee-Bots are great for beginning coders and programmers. Students will create algorithms to do a variety of learning tasks, such as "writing numbers or letters", sight word maps, shapes, colors, or map skills. The possibilities are endless!

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