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The Omaha Board of Education created the Omaha Schools Foundation in 1984 as a vehicle for enriching the educational experiences of Omaha Public Schools' students.

The Foundation exists to raise funds for projects and programs which cannot be funded by tax dollars. The initial "start up" funding for the Foundation was a gift of $1,155.71 from the Omaha Public Schools Instruction Department.

The Omaha Schools Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of community leaders dedicated to raising funds and dispensing them for educational projects and programs that are not included in the regular operations of the Omaha Public Schools. The Foundation's funds have and will be used to encourage the development of new and innovative projects, scholarships for students, teacher recognition awards, Kids Club, and extended day care programs for students.

In addition to funding learning opportunities that exceed the financial capability of the general budget, the Omaha Schools Foundation encourages broad-based community support and active interested citizens. The teacher awards and classroom grant projects funded directly by the Foundation provide a catalyst for raising teacher morale by providing a resource for developing innovative instructional practices. Many of these projects have later become part of the school's regular curriculum.

Through these projects, awards, and programs, the Omaha Schools Foundation seeks to sustain this community's tradition of excellence in education.

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