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Welcome to the Omaha Public Schools Foundation website presenting our award winning programs and success stories. Founded in 1984 by the Omaha Board of Education, the Omaha Schools Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (C3) organization, governed by a Board of Directors (all residents of the Omaha School District), and incorporated under Nebraska Law as a nonprofit corporation. At the most basic level, the Omaha Schools Foundation exists to raise funds for projects and programs which cannot be funded by tax dollars.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm for the Omaha Public Schools amazing students, administrators, teachers and curriculums and encourage you to participate in supporting the many programs and scholarships which facilitate the success of our students. 

Congratulations to Our OPSF Executive Director

toba inOur accomplished Executive Director, Toba Cohen-Dunning has been elected to the National Schools Foundation's Board of Directors.   Toba is a founding member of the Nebraska Schools Foundation Association, a state affiliate of the NSFA, created last year. 

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Celebrating Susan Mayberger

susanmaybergerSusan Mayberger, the Coordinator of ESL and Migrant and Refugee Education, is retiring from the Omaha Public Schools. As coordinator, it was Susan's job to oversee the English as a Second Language program responding to the needs of English language learners in an effort to provide optimal educational opportunities.

· ESL teachers design lessons to foster students' ability to read, write, speak, and understand academic English.

· Students learn English language while learning academic content through sheltered instruction practices such as scaffolding and interaction.

· The ESL program promotes a culturally responsive learning environment where students' first language and cultural identity are nurtured.

Migrant children have educational needs that are different from those of other children. When migrant children move with their families, their education as well as their life is disrupted. The Migrant Education Program strives to provide services and materials to help migrant children succeed in school. They can earn a diploma, develop their skills, and expand their options for the future.

The OPS community is profoundly grateful for Susan't years of service. Join us in celebrating Susan Mayberger and her commitment to Omaha Public Schools. 

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Belle Ryan Teacher's Reach Extends Beyond the Classroom

GoTalk in useKristin Larson is reaching out to the community for funding to purchase two adaptive communication devices -- the GoTalk 4+ and the GoTalk 9+. These two communication devices are the first step for young children who need assistance to communicate their wants and needs. She currently has one of each to use in the classroom, but having a set of the GoTalks to lend to her students' families for use at home would be incredibly valuable to their language development.

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