Belle Ryan Teacher's Reach Extends Beyond the Classroom

GoTalk in useKristin Larson is reaching out to the community for funding to purchase two adaptive communication devices -- the GoTalk 4+ and the GoTalk 9+. These two communication devices are the first step for young children who need assistance to communicate their wants and needs. She currently has one of each to use in the classroom, but having a set of the GoTalks to lend to her students' families for use at home would be incredibly valuable to their language development.

These devices work best when they are a means for the child to choose and express what he or she would like to have or do. The choices a child can make at home -- what to eat, play, wear, where to go, and so on -- would greatly enhance his or her understanding of the significance of communication as well as his or her understanding of how to use adaptive devices to communicate with others. If children are successful with these devices, the next step is for the child to obtain a more advanced device for his or her personal use; one that can grow with the child. At this point, the GoTalks would be returned to Belle Ryan, and available for another family to borrow.

These devices are available from Adaptive Tech Solutions LLC:
The total request is for $347.22. Please consider a gift for this most worthy cause.



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