Thank You, Appreciation Financial

Appreciation FinancialOmaha Public Schools Foundation would like to thank Appreciation Financial for funding scholarships for Omaha Public School students. Andrew Storz visited the office today to present the Foundation with the NICE Program Scholarship and the Blackburn Scholarship. Appreciation Financial is a retirement consulting brokerage that works almost exclusively with public school employees offering education and safe retirement and insurance products. With their giveback projects being a key part of their platform, Andrew expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to share what they are doing to give back to the district.

The NICE Program Scholarship

To support the students of the Native Indigenous Centered Education program, Appreciation Financial has created a $500 scholarship for a NICE program student. With students in several schools across the district, Appreciation felt it was important to help NICE have a scholarship that was specifically for a student involved with the program. The scholarship will be awarded at the NICE Honors Ceremony on April 13.

Blackburn Scholarship

In recognition of the amazing work done at the Blackburn Alternative Program by Jodi Pesek and her staff, Appreciation Financial has created a $500 scholarship for a Blackburn student. This scholarship will help a student that has shown great effort and achievement while at Blackburn to continue their education.


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