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Welcome to the Omaha Public Schools Foundation website presenting our award winning programs and success stories. Founded in 1984 by the Omaha Board of Education, the Omaha Schools Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (C3) organization, governed by a Board of Directors (all residents of the Omaha School District), and incorporated under Nebraska Law as a nonprofit corporation. At the most basic level, the Omaha Schools Foundation exists to raise funds for projects and programs which cannot be funded by tax dollars.

We are excited to share our enthusiasm for the Omaha Public Schools amazing students, administrators, teachers and curriculums and encourage you to participate in supporting the many programs and scholarships which facilitate the success of our students. 

An Update from the Chad Townsend Family


July 2017

"Chad had an eventful month! On June 9th, Dr. Thorell at UNMC was able to coil/repair 80% of the aneurysm.  What a BIG day that was!  Since that time, Chad's sedation has s.l.o.w.l.y worn off.  On June 20th, Chad opened his eyes and began responding to physical touch and simple verbal commands.  Chad had a few more medical procedures during his stay in the ICU and handled them all brilliantly.  

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2016-2017 Scholarship Awards

northscholar smlOne of the Omaha Schools Foundation's most gratifying experience is honoring The Future Educators and Super 13 Scholars each year. At a reception held before the OSF Board meeting, scholars were given an opportunity to share their plans for furthering their education. It was great fun hearing where they were going to go to school and what they will be studying.

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Thank You, Omaha!

OmahaGives2017 Announcement FacebookShareGraphic 3Thank you, Friends of the Foundation! We are proud to announce that through the generosity of 119 unique donors, the Omaha Public Schools Foundation raised $11,100.00 on Omaha Gives! 2017.  It is also with pride that we can say 100% of the Foundation Staff and Board participated. We couldn't do it without you. This nearly doubles the amount that we raised last year.

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